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I am not the best, but I am the exceptional one.


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I am not good at academics but I am excellent in my life.

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Youth Change.

Youth Change organization posts one-minute motivational blogs every week to change the youth in a positive way.


CHAOS India.

CHAOS India is in the field of technology and its role revolves around transferring business to virtuality. CHAOS India initially started out developing video games, but quickly expanded into digital graphic design, web page creation, digital marketing, and software creation. This has made it a very attractive company for small and medium-sized companies, since it makes it easier for them to digitize all their processes in one place



WEVOLVE is a start-up based in India which aims to create Mental Health Awareness and Break Stigma against Seeking Help.



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2020 - 2021
IDP School Ahmedabad

Higher Secondary School - Science Stream

2018 - 2019
The New Little Flower School Ahmedabad

Secondary School Certificate

Sensational Young Entrepreneur from India changing the Youth by becoming Rich

"In this world where everyone is finding the best people to work with, Bhavya made himself exceptional because there are many best people in different fields, but there are very few exceptionals out there. Be the exceptional one!"

Hindustan Metro

"A Young Entrepreneur from India who believes in his strong Vision to become a Billionaire and change the Youth."

The Indian Bytes

"Bhavya serves as a role model for the next generation. He is truly an exception and inspiration for today’s youth."

FOX Interviewer

My Recent Blogs

Kind Heart Under a Coat

A couple of days ago, I was in a cloth market, and I saw an old poor man purchasing pants for himself, and the proprietor of the shop showed him every one of the things he had.

New Year, A New Ray!

The New Year is here! 2021 is gone and 2022 is here. It is another beam of light, new expectation, new daylight, and furthermore a new website. It seems like the first SunShine of the day.

A big tight perfect HUG!

I have seen and practiced a lot of spiritual practices in my life. But one spiritual practice which helps me a lot is HUGS. HUGS always help me whenever I am feeling sad, happy, excited, or anything.


I will call the cops if you mail me! Nah, I am just kidding.

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